Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Seat at the Table

The other morning, I made David breakfast and walked into the other room to put away some laundry.  A minute later, I hear David laughing and we both find that Salvatore has climbed up on the chair and started helping himself to daddy's breakfast, even using the fork!  He has not liked his highchair for awhile, but I was not ready to put in away.  I remember the night of my baby shower, I sat on the carpet with Benedict and decided to assemble as much as I could before David got home from work.  The highchair was the first and easiest thing I assembled that night.  Benny helped by laying on the instructions and kicking around the nuts and bolts.  It is now in the garage next to the walker, swing, crib, and bouncy seat.  Milestones, milestones...

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  1. I am really emotional today...this post made me teary eyed. Where have out babies gone?